How to Install WordPress on Xampp Localhost


How to Install WordPress on Xampp Localhost

Install WordPress on Localhost Xampp server you would need to Download WordPress latest version from and you would need to install Xampp on your Windows (computer) You can Check how to Install Xampp On Windows.

Should know how to install plugins on wordpress.

How to Install XAMPP Locally on Windows PC

Then, in Windows, navigate to the folder where you installed XAMPP. For me, that’s C://xampp. It should be something similar for you. Then, in that folder, find the htdocs subfolder.

how to install wordpress on Xamp step 1

In htdocs, create a new folder for your test site. This folder name will become the sub-name used to access your site. For example, if you make the folder testsite, you’ll access your site by going to http://localhost/testsite.

Once you create the folder, extract the WordPress .zip file you downloaded from into it.

how to install wordpress on Xamp step 2

Create WordPress Database

WordPress runs on MySQL database and we need to begin by creating the database before we start running WordPress installation. It’s important you understand that the database we are creating will be linked to WordPress in a file called wp-config.php. We will therefore require the following database details to setup WordPress successfully;

Database name – this is the name of the actual database

Database username – this is the name of database user with Global Privileges

Database password – this is the password of the database

Database host – this is the host of our site, in this case it is the localhost

To create the WordPress database we need to open Phpmyadmin and create the database, create a user then assign the user Global Privileges. To open Phpmyadmin we need launch PHPMyAdmin from your XAMPP control panel.

how to install wordpress on Xamp step 3

Then click on Databases at the top.

how to install wordpress on Xamp step 4

Click on the databases to begin creating the WordPress database and you should now fill out the name of your database and click create button.

how to install wordpress on Xamp step 5

After creating the database we need to create a user and allow the user to have all the privileges. To create the user first select the database you created then navigate to privileges on the top menu, under privileges click on add new user. After clicking on add user, you should now type in the database login details that include the name of the user, host and the password of the database.

At this stage you should remember the host should remain as localhost. This also applies when you create a database on hosting since localhost means within the same environment.

how to install wordpress on Xamp step

Install WordPress locally via the on-screen installer

When you visit your test site, you should see the normal WordPress installer. Remember, your test site is just http://localhost/FOLDERNAME

how to install wordpress on Xamp step 6

The only step where this process will differ from a normal install is the database details. When you get to the database details, enter them like this:

  • Database Name = Name of the database you created in PHPMyAdmin
  • Username = “root”
  • Password = leave blank

how to install wordpress on Xamp step 7

When you click on submit you should now see the screen that shows your database details are right and you can now run the WordPress installation. Click on run installation to begin the process of installing WordPress on your local Xampp server.

how to install wordpress on Xamp step 10

Now fill the site’s details that include the site’s name, WordPress admin username, admin password, admin email and whether you should discourage the search engines from indexing the site.

After filling these details you should click on install WordPress and complete by logging in to test if your WordPress installation is successful.

how to install wordpress on Xamp step 11

If you have followed all the steps correctly, you should see the screen showing you have successfully installed WordPress on your Xampp server.

how to install wordpress on Xamp step 12

After filling the details above and clicking on install WordPress, you should now be ready you login and test your new WordPress installation as well as review the wp-config.php file to see what is in there.

Let’s now login and enjoy with your new WordPress Instalation.

how to install wordpress on Xamp step 12



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