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How to Check Website is Well SEO Optimized

How to Check Website is Well SEO Optimized

SEO is very important for website to take place on search engines. Search engines are big source of website traffic. We need to check if our website SEO is correct and well optimized. For this we will use a WordPress plugin called All in One SEO (AIOSEO).
AIOSEO also available in free version .

Seo Optimization

Now need to install AIOSEO and activate it. you can check how to install wordpress plugin step by step.

Aftter activation, you’ll see a new menu item with name ‘All in One SEO’. You need to go toAll in One SEO –> Dashboard, and it will take you to the main settings panel. Now click  on the button to ‘Launch the Setup Wizard’.

AIOSEO dashboard


This ٰٓAIOSEO plugin wizard lets you configure your website.

After complete the plugin wizerd, navigate to All in One SEO » SEO Analysis.

In the SEO Audit Checklist tab will show error of your website overall SEO score.

AIOSEO Analysis

Here you’ll see the ‘Complete SEO Checklist’. You can correct error by check your checklist for properly optimizing your WordPress website.

AIOSEO Complete seo Checklist

First you will need to fix the critical issues because these error very impact on your seo score.
To see the what is issue you will need to click on the Arrow right side of an SEO issue, After click on Arrow, now box will dropdown that explains the problem that you can do to fix it.

AIOSEO Critical Issues Edit

Now you can clicking the blue Edit Your meta description button to change needs to be made.
After make the changes, you will need to go back to the SEO Analysis page and click the Refresh Results button.

AIOSEO Analysis refresh result

After Refresh results button this will update your results and reflect the positive SEO improvements you have made.
You can see here the red Critical Issue has now changed into a green Checkbox in the Good Result tab.

AIOSEO Analysis refresh result correct

You can take same steps for solve the critical issues found by the AIOSEO plugin and make changes to improve your website seo score.












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