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How Google works and how rank website pages

How Google works and how rank website pages.

First of all, you should understand exactly how Google works and how they rank website and website pages. If you are thinking to Spend Money for your website to rank. Save your Money, it’s not going to do anything for you. you can do yourself everything Link building, promoting your products or Service. you just need to understand what are you doing for your business to rank on the internet and how you can help your customers.

Think what large Companies are spending on Marking there business on the internet? Competing against even a medium size business with a small budget you will never win. And you will go broke very quickly. you can do it naturally with help of yourself to focus on how you can win the internet world.

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How Google works and how rank website

Learn Google’s webmaster guidelines. Google says if you are building or paying for links Building, Your social media likes or followers to “manipulate” rankings, you are harming not marketing your website. Focus on having “Quality Content” on your website first. Explain what you, and your business, or products can do to help your customers. Then do the same concept during promoting your business, Service, product spread the word. Create PBN (Private Blog Network) post well written article about your business, and provide all

information, answer the questions. Going to a blog or forums specific to your niche, industry not to self promote, but to provide answers or help, then place a link of your website. That will promote you or your business naturally (that’s the key) earn it the right way. Learn about your website rankings or business naturally. You can do everything yourself instead of spending money.

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