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How To Install Windows 11 On Unsupported Pc

How To Install Windows 11 On Unsupported Pc

This trick will allow you to run Windows 11 on unsupported hardware and get future updates.

how to install windows 11 on unsupported pc

  1. Download Windows 11 from Microsoft website Donwload Windows
  2. Extract Win11_English_x64.iso in the Folder with the same name.
  3. Download appraiserres.dll file
  4. Copy appraiserres.dll Modified and replace in the folder \Win11_English_x64\sources
  5. Replace it.
  6. Start Install windows 11 on your computer.
  7. Enjoy, you also will be able to get all updates from windows.
  8. NOTE: In the appraiserres.dll just removed TPM version line and UEFI Line so This is safe to use on any pc.

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